Links & Loves

  1. My coat obsession continues.
  2. The Super Bowl is this Sunday, for any last minute recipe ideas hop on over to Food network; they always have a great selection of classic and unique game day food.
  3. Ben & Jerry’s strikes again with a line of vegan non-dairy ice creams.
  4. Not only is homemade almond milk even more delectable than it’s store-bought counterpart, but it is super simple to make as well. Try Erin Ireland’s recipe!
  5. When it comes to daily coffee runs, try to think local.
  6. Great skin is something we are all after; follow this list of simple advice to better your skin on both the inside and out.
  7. Johnny Depp will be performing at the Grammys on February 15, enough said.
  8. I saw a handful of Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s art at a gallery in downtown Seattle, and they are all worth a peak.
  9. L.A. art mavin, Gray Malin, has the same subject matter at Nagle, with a very distinct California vibe.

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