Links & Loves

  1. I made this 5-minute brownie in a mug and it is to die for. Great for any celebratory moment to treat yourself!
  2. Smoked salmon egg stuffed avocado is on the menu for this weekend.
  3. I’m hoping for another rainy weekend to stay in and watch food documentaries; I found a really great list.
  4. Don’t forget the SAG Awards are on this weekend! They’re of course not the main event of awards season but the fashion alone is worth the watch, and the nominees (I’m looking at you, Leo)  I suppose.
  5. Barbie has finally launched a line of new dolls of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicities.
  6. I’m tired of my makeup not lasting all day, I’m thinking about trying this Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.
  7. I was in Loft the other day and discovered their Lou & Grey section. Seriously, where have I been?! I love everything from their line especially this plaid shirt and sweater.
  8. This video was great in giving me a different perspective on applying for jobs and an inside look at what employers look for.
  9. A good song to kick off the weekend.



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