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This morning I woke up to snow. If you know anything about me it’s that I love snow. I love winter, I love the cold, but when you tease me with sunny skies and 65 degrees and then dump snow on my lawn I’m not a happy camper. Thus todays links & loves is all about escaping whatever weather you are facing outside and gearing up for full on springtime.

Pastels. Just that singular word screams happiness, birds chirping and flowers blooming. ASOS has a great pastel inspiration board with their pastel picks for spring here. Also, you can never walk into Gap without seeing a plethora of pastels so make sure to check them out for this spring trend as well!

Along with spring comes spring beauty, and spring beauty means dewy pale skin, light pink cheeks and cheery lips. Check out Essie Button’s spring natural makeup tutorial here, also all the products she used were drugstore products which is extra awesome!

My favorite spring and summer shoe of choice are Birkenstocks, hands down. They are super comfortable, durable and the perfect “the only shoe you need for vacation” kind of shoe. I own this brown leather pair here. But I plan on getting these, these or these.

And if these items don’t launch you into spring fever try meditation to wash your winter blues away. I’ve always read about the many benefits to meditation (from Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz) so if I can manage to sit still for a couple minutes that’s the first thing I’ll do. Learn beginner tips to meditation here.


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