Natural Brows

Today, I’m covering my new favorite topic, eyebrows. I used pluck my eyebrows obsessively trying to make them thin and perfect. Something finally clicked in me and I decided I no longer liked the look of barely there eyebrows. So I started growing them out; I haven’t waxed or plucked my eyebrows in over two months and I’m kind of loving it. But alas, I still wasn’t happy because my brow hair is so light that my brows often seem to disappear into my skin. Enter NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. This stuff is seriously a dream. For someone who had never filled in their brows before, this is a great place to start because it’s super easy to use!

Before: My brows have a good natural shape which makes it easier to fill in because I’m not trying to create a shape but, they’re just too darn light! See how the tail end disappears? Not good.


After: I’m using the color Blonde, even though my hair is clearly not blonde, I thought it would be a good place to start because my brows are so light.

Step 1: Use the wire brush provided to comb your brows pulling the hairs out and up (follow the natural curvature of the hair)

Step 2: Apply wax, with other provided brush, to your brows

Step 3: Use the darker shade to fill in your brows.  **TIP: try to use even pressure and short strokes to achieve a more even and natural look**

Step 4: Comb brows once more

Step 5: To remove excess product and create a more natural brow, wet one side of a cotton swab and swipe over brows. Then use the dry side of the cotton swab to remove excess product. Repeat until you get your desired look.

To me, Step 5 is most important because it allows you to make your eyebrows look like they’re naturally thick, not drawn in.



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  1. I have the same problem with my ‘tail’ disappearing. I highly recommend the rimmel brow pencil in taupe. They carry it in ulta for like $1 and it has a brush right on it. I’m obsessed, and its the perfect tone for us light girls!
    xoxo K

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