links & loves: beach edition


Going on vacation, summer approaching or heading to the lake, there are always good excuses for buying new swimsuits each year. Trust me, I make them every time. I’ve been coveting this Triangle bikini and also love the colors of this one as well.

Coverups are also a beach essential. Go trendy with this short kimono coverup, go cozy with this hooded poncho coverup or easy and playful with this loose romper.

Going to the beach for a long weekend? Try these beach workouts at sunrise to make the most of your morning.

Q: What’s in my beach bag?

A: Sunscreen. And more sunscreen. Yes you can still get a tan while using sunscreen so why not decrease your chances of skin damage?

A stack of books and magazines is always an essential to keep me relaxed and busy. Does anyone else struggle with laying on the beach for hours doing nothing? I just can’t do it.

A hat to shield you from the blazing sun. I can’t wait ’til this one comes in the mail!

Snacks and lots of water are also good things to have, playing in the ocean really tires you out.


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  1. thatemily says:

    Love these tips! I really enjoy packing a bag for a vacation, whether that’s to a beach or a city!

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