Even I will admit staying on track with my New Year’s Fitness Goals hasn’t been easy. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoying a really great workout but I am also pro at making up excuses as to why I shouldn’t work out; and I gets me almost every single time. So after two months of this “going half way thing” I’m stepping up my game and sharing my tips and tricks on how to stay on track.



Committing to a race, class or fitness partner is a great way to keep yourself on track and accountable for your workouts. For example, I committed by signing up for a 7k race knowing that I’d have to start running more regularly.


The great thing about working out is that the options to do so are endless; from running to taking a Zumba class to yoga and swimming. They are so many activities you can do that don’t have to feel like a horrible and grueling workout.

I suggest mixing up your normal workout regimen and incorporating different types of workouts. This is a good way to work different muscles therefore pushing your body even further than before.


Lemon water is a great way to keep your healthy lifestyle on track. Drinking lemon water has many health benefits including aiding in digestion and boosting your immune system because it is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Drinking water in general is a very important step in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I like to add lemons to my water because it adds a really refreshing burst of flavor; this also makes me drink more which is great! On Sundays, I usually cut up two whole lemons and store the slices in a tupperware in the fridge and throw them into my water bottle throughout the week.


Snacking can really either make or break ones diet. The important distinction between the two is the food that is actually consumed. Snacking often and snacking smart is a great way to curb those cravings and help build your muscles after a hard workout.

The best between meal snacks are packed with protein, fiber and a lot of vitamins. I always have homemade trail mixes packed with different fruits and nuts on hand. Throw them into baggies or mini mason jars for a quick on-the-go snack. I also chop a bunch of vegetables up and store in the fridge to eat throughout the week.

Post-workout snacks are a little different because these snacks must be really protein packed to help rebuild the muscle you just worked out. After your workout you have a 30 minute window to eat that protein rich snack to ensure muscle build. I often eat bananas or apples with peanut butter and oats to get in my protein, vitamins and fiber.


Another good way to stay motivated to stay active is by having pretty gear to wear. Personally, I love that workout gear is now brightly colored and beautifully patterned; it’s a great way to stay excited about working out. But the most important thing about gear is that you are comfortable in it. There is nothing worse then wearing something that doesn’t fit right; this is something that should apply not only to your everyday outfits but to your workout gear as well.  Wear colors and patterns you are comfortable with, that make you happy and give you the motivation you need to stay on track.


It’s important to know that you don’t need to work out every single day to stay on track with your fitness. It’s okay to let yourself take a day off if you’re not feeling it. Also, your muscles do need time to recover so it’s important to give them that break they need.


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