NYFW III: Fashion Off the Runway

As NYFW has officially wrapped, it’s time to really look back at the lines and pieces we saw and see how our own wardrobes can evolve based on them. I feel that’s one of the beauties of fashion, that it is utilized by everyone therefore inspiration is absolutely everywhere. Often it’s easy to get in a wardrobe rut, wearing the same pieces together each time, but by looking on Pinterest, runways or even the street you can find the inspiration you need to break your mold. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to work into your current one. It means mixing and layering your current clothes in new ways to achieve a brand new look.

After viewing Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy “Varsity” collection I was instantly inspired and turned to my wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes pulling pieces together to achieve his unique look. I also took inspiration from Rachel Zoe’s modern 60s inspired hair to add a unique twist to my preppy-sporty looks.

On the Runway:

tommy-hilfiger28 tommy-hilfiger26

Off the Runway:

DSC09722 DSC09711

On the Runway:

tommy-hilfiger14 tommy-hilfiger22

Off the Runway:

  DSC09905 DSC09834

On the Runway:

tommy-hilfiger14 tommy-hilfiger16

Off the Runway:

DSC09982 DSC00038

On the Runway:

tommy-hilfiger24 tommy-hilfiger22

Off the Runway:

DSC09803 DSC09802

Have a great weekend!


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