Red & Pink

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and for all you last minute people I’ve got an outfit for you! Today I’ve paired a whimsical red and pink dress with a bold lip, sequined leather jacket and large statement earrings. This outfit is perfect for a single night out with your friends or to a fun dinner at Chino Latinos. It definitely strays away for a more polished Valentine’s look but it takes the traditional Valentine’s colors and adds a lot of personality and whimsy.


As individual pieces I would count these pieces as basics. The red and pink dress pairs great with a mustard or navy blazer and tights or you could add wide legged slacks and menswear shoes to the sequined jacket and get a polished look.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love it! For colder climes, what color tights would you suggest with this outfit?

    1. Amy Gruntner says:

      Navy blue tights would look amazing with these two colors but black would work too if paired with a black coat and shoes.

  2. Love that blazer! So fun!

  3. I have a sparkly blazer I might rock with a red dress! Love this!

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