Love List: Vlogger Bloggers


There’s nothing quite like taking an evening to binge watch vloggers and bloggers tearing up the YouTube scene. Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite vloggers and blogger tutorials.

Hair & Beauty:

Kayley Melissa– my latest discovery, who does amazing and informative hair tutorials. And the best part is they are easy to follow along and do yourself.

Amber Fillerup– one of my favorite fashion bloggers who does amazing hair tutorials, mostly with crazy beautiful big braids. So if you’re a fan of braiding, check. her. out.

The Small Things Blog– another great blogger specializing in makeup, hair and humor. Her hair tutorials are simple and classic, not complicated at all. Her makeup tutorials and favorites videos are incredibly informative and helpful if you are in need of any beauty product. This women knows her stuff.

Essie Button– She is a jack-of-all trades living in London and specializing in beauty and health videos. She is quirky, entertaining and has great haul and monthly favorite videos.

Fashion & Health:

Patricia Bright– a British fashion guru specializing in fashion and health videos. I’ve tried some of her workout tutorials and they are great!

Healthy Grocery Girl– a registered dietician specializing in healthy recipe tutorials and natural beauty products. Her recipes all look delicious and easy to substitute other ingredients to personalize each dish to your own taste.


Vogue 73 Questions: If you haven’t seen these videos please watch them all, now. Basically it’s a 73 question interview where a celebrity is asked random and quirky questions. The Victoria Beckham and Reese Witherspoon interviews are my favorite!

Grace Helbig– If you’re in need of a good laugh; this girl is hilarious!

Happy viewing!


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