Brit Fix

One of the most influential things about living in London was seeing such a distinct fashion style in a single city. Although the older crowd dressed more tailored and posh, and the younger crowd tried pushing the boundaries of fashion a bit more, both parties stayed true to the classic and sophisticated style of British Fashion.

For one, British women love wearing black, beautifully tailored clothing, oversized coats and sunglasses and black chunky heels. But regardless of what they’re wearing they completely own it and exude confidence in the very way they hold themselves- heads up, eyes piercing, heels echoing down the cobblestone streets with purpose.


To get an easy London look I paired black skinny jeans with a black tee and black cardigan, black dress shoes and an oversized camel-colored coat. I added my own personal style to this look by wearing MAC hot pink lipstick, green earring and a touch of androgyny with my favorite black shoes.

Any all black ensemble can be professionally put together by layering black pieces that have different textures so your entire figure doesn’t get lost in a flat black blob. Adding accessories and makeup with pops of color or interesting patterns will also add interest and personality to a monochromatic ensemble.


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