Easy Beach Waves


My perfect hair routine would consist of waking up, taking a shower, applying product, blowdrying and teasing my hair and finishing off with a good spray of flexible hold hair spray. Let me rephrase that by saying this would be my routine if I didn’t like sleep; but alas, I love it. Therefore my routine consists of me showering at night and going to bed with wet hair. I call this the “spontaneous” and “unpredictable” routine because going to bed with wet hair means that you never really know what your hair is going to look in the morning. Everything depends on how nice the hair fairies were to you as you slept. 

Recently, after much frustration and angst towards the hair fairies I found myself wandering to the hair product section of Sephora. That is where I picked up Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. Now this stuff I pretty awesome. Not only does it work great but it smells amazing- which is always a must-have criteria for any beauty product. I just apply this spray to by hair before bed and wake up with beautiful beachy waves.

Here is how I achieve beachy waves:

Step 1: Pick up sections of hair around your head and spray the surf spray into your roots.


Step 2: Use finger tips to massage product into your scalp.


Step 3: Loosely braid hair and don’t tie it off at the end. You want the braid to fall out as you sleep.


Step 4: Wake up to beautiful beachy waves!

****TIP**** If you want to amp up your loose beachy waves use a curling iron to curl random sections of hair around your head. Next use fingers to gently comb through the curls to loosen them to add to your relaxed look. 



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