A Bronzy Summer


This year I decided to get a jump start on my summer color by using self tanning lotion. Though many thought my ghostliness was a lost cause I did my research and settled upon Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer. After reading reviews I was pretty convinced this stuff was going to take me from Casper to Malibu Barbie. I have been using this tanning moisturizer for about a month now- not as religiously as a should be- and I really do love it! I like how it’s a moisturizer so I don’t feel like I have to succumb to scaly legs all for the cause of being tan. The consistency of the moisturizer also allows for easy application on your body. I didn’t find myself looking streaky because I was able to rub it into my legs to get an even consistency. Also, I actually like the scent, although very subtle it smells like post-beach skin- which is wonderful! 

My final verdict is that this stuff is wonderful. I would definitely say that I do look tan, but a nice healthy tan which was what I was going for. A friend actually said I looked tan the other day and I promptly ran to Target and bought an entire case of Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer (not actually but I should have). 


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