Finals Week Blues: Blackfish & The Cove

Here I am in the midst of my sixth finals week of my college career and it’s still horrible. For those of you unaware, finals weeks is a week at the end of the semester where all you do is study and take final exams, papers and/or projects that make or break your grade in your classes. And yes, it’s really as horrible as it sounds. Basically, this week should be dubbed “Drive-College-Students-Crazy Week” because that indeed is what happens. The amount of times I’ve spent aimlessly wandering around my house to avoid studying is absolutely absurd. Which is how I stumbled upon Blackfish. I remember hearing all the initial hype about the film but I never got around to actually watching it. And in lieu of finals week season I decided to give it a whirl (I promise I still studied mom!).


One word to describe the film: heart-wrenching. This movie gave me a huge pit in my stomach that is still there now as I write this. But more than anything, this film has made me want to take action and to fight for something/someone that is helpless, like yesterday! It really resonated with me that this is the type of path I want to take on for my future career goals. I want to make documentaries that will cause a movement and will make a difference. I want to stand for something that I believe in, in every aspect of my life.

To continue on with my theme I will be binge-watching The Cove and Whale Wars for the remainder of my finals week. 

(Also, I’ve linked up places to view the films themselves within the post)


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