iPhone Life

1. Weekends home with my family include many games of Mexican Train. I’m pretty sure this is the game I won.


2. Swimming season has officially begun!! Ruby just couldn’t wait until all the ice was off the lake to go swimming after her toy.


3. Yes, this is a photo of me sliding down the stairs face first on my stomach; because on Fridays (when I have no classes) I am left alone in the house all day so I do some pretty random things just because I can. Also, this was a mere hour before I left to go home for the weekend so as you can see, I was pretty excited.

4. I wish I knew this mans name. He’s been riding around campus all week doing…well actually, I have no clue what he’s doing. He’s riding a mule and tagging along a donkey with a seed bag that reads #WTFdonkey. So strange. Here he is getting pulled over by the police. I wonder what they’re discussing?Image

5. Somethings are best left uncaptioned. Image

6. This female duck has been wandering around my neighborhood all week. One day I went outside and she was in my backyard so I grabbed an Easter dinner roll and fed it to her. Image


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