Casual Friday

The best decision I made in my past two semesters in college is making a schedule with a goal of having no classes on Friday. And let me tell you, it’s wonderful. I sleep in, workout, do some cleaning and just lounge around all day until finally starting homework right before dinner. With no classes on Friday I usually stick to lounging around in sweatpants all day but other days I find I get more done if I put on actual clothes.

This look is my perfect casual friday uniform. Distressed jeans, a striped house, a scarf and loafers. I know that loafers usually don’t scream comfortable, but after a few wears the leather has relaxed which allows for maximum foot comfort. I bought them at my favorite shoe store in Madison, Shoo. They have gorgeous shoes and an amazing selection of vintage shoes and clothes in the basement for such good deals! Next time you’re in Madison or Milwaukee make sure to swing by Shoo!

Dress, Scarf (love this and this), Jeans, Loafers


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