Brunch Battle

When on the east coast, you brunch. 

I have never been one to say no to breakfast so when my sister explained this brunch phenomenon to me, I was pumped. I love brunch because you get to sleep in and still eat breakfast!! 

My first brunch in D.C. was at Sixth Engine. This place had a great casual and youthful atmosphere with divinely gourmet food. I had eggs benedict with spinach and bacon along with a side of berries and it was so good! It wasn’t too rich and the different textures played each other up beautifully. Washed done with a cup of fresh french press and this brunch was on par. But seriously, just look at that plate. It really says it all.


For my last day and last brunch in D.C. we decided to try a new place. A place fancier than Sixth Engine. So we stumbled upon Bistro La Bonne. Again I ordered eggs benedict with a side of berries and received my eggs in a more “traditional” matter. It was served with a side of salad and french fries- definitely more lunch than breakfast. It was good but nowhere near the eggs benedict I had eaten at Sixth Engine. My favorite part of this meal was the combination of the salty plate with the sweetmimosa. 



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