Opposites Attract: When Blue Met Orange

In high school I was the girl who always wore naturals and a lot of black sweaters. Now in my college years I can’t get enough of color! You can usually see me sporting upwards of four to five colors in a single outfit on a daily basis. My other go-to color scheme is monochromatic; my favorite being a cobalt, electric and powder blue ensemble. Discovering a love for multicolored outfits was like playing Dorothy for the first time; except this time I’m never going back to black-and-white side of the rainbow.

I bought these orange pants early last Fall and I fell in love immediately after laying eyes on them. Let’s just say I love patterned pants and can’t wait for the next wave of them to fill the shelves. After bringing them back to the dressing room my mom and sister gave me the usual “you’re not getting those are you…?” But by that time, as per usual, I was already hooked and there was no turning back. Also, I have a really hard time saying no to a good deal.

Today, I paired my orange dreamsicle pants (looking at them again they might be more of a cheetah print) with a navy blue three-quarters sleeve tunic with a cobalt blue cardigan. I absolutely love this color combo! The two colors pair together so well because orange and blue are complementary colors which means they lie directly across from each other on the color wheel, therefore, always look great together. The other complementary pairs are yellow & purple, and red & green. Using these combinations to create outfits almost always guarantees a complementary look!



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  1. Holly says:

    The layers in your hair are so pretty! I didn’t realize until now that there are so many.

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