On the Hunt

I have been in the market for a good quality pair of rain boots. I don’t know if you knew but Madison, WI gets A LOT of rain. Rather it be Spring, Summer, Fall or even Winter- we get it and in large amounts. I also figured that when I study abroad next Fall a nice pair of wellies will come in handy because most likely I will be somewhere in Europe. 


I have always gravitated towards the ever classic, Hunter Rain Boots. They are durable, waterproof (haha) and come in a wide variety of colors, heights, sizes and fits. Someday I hope to have a collection as big and as colorful as this but for now I think I’ll settle for the classic Pillar Box Red


I like this bright red rain boot because they make a statement and are not shy, which fits with my personality nicely. I also like this red because if I was wearing navy or tans pants, or blue or black pants they would look excellent. These boots will also pop nicely with my tan trench coat. Lastly, since I have become a Badger at heart, this color will always remind me of my wonderful three years spent at Madison.

And if you still weren’t convinced that this color and brand was right for you, just follow the lead of the infamous Chuck Bass. Now that’s once classy way to wear a freshly pressed suit in the middle of an afternoon rain.



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