Mickies Dairy Bar


Nothing is more satisfying than rising early on a Saturday morning pulling on sweatpants and boots and trekking off to Mickies Dairy Bar.  And yes I did say sweatpants, though any stretchy pant will do- I’ll explain more on that later. Mickies Dairy Bar opened in 1946 by Mickey Weidman, this popular 1950s style diner is a staple of the Badger lifestyle. Located in Madison, WI, across from the infamous Camp Randall Stadium, this diner turns out happy customers on a daily basis. Their speciality is breakfast and after one bite you will understand why.

Here are two of my breakfast favorites:

1. Blueberry Pancakes with a Chocolate Malt.


At Mickies Dairy Bar it is more than acceptable to wash down your breakfast with one of Mickies delicious shakes or malts. It shouldn’t be surprising that I always get the flavor chocolate. One of my favorite dishes at Mickies is their pancakes. Just for a size comparison these pancakes are the size of this plate and are about an inch and a half thick! And they are so so good! This is one meal that I am never able to finish though they make a delicious snack later on in the day. And for the record, I am the president of the clean plate club, so me not finishing meals is a big deal.

2. The Scrambler


This monstrosity called the Scrambler is the most popular item on Mickies menu. It is hash browns topped with eggs with any meats or veggies you choose in them (I usually get ham and green peppers). To top it off is a pile of cheese, four pieces of toast and a delicious gravy. Wow, my mouth is watering just reading this. I also recommend that this meal is washed down with a shake.

So if you want a real taste of the Madison lifestyle head to Mickies Dairy Bar and you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and don’t forget your stretchy pants- trust me you’ll thank me later. It’s not out of the ordinary for me and my friends to roll ourselves home after stuffing our bellies full of delicious breakfasts.



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