Friday Favorite: A Girl in a Checked Dress

Online shopping. An activity I used to partake in on a regular basis. These past few months I’ve reigned myself back, learned a little self control and haven’t online shopped. Mind you I do have a list of things bookmarked that I will purchase someday but my impulse buying days are behind me. I got this dress back in September and yes, it was an impulse buy, but as soon as I ripped it out of the packaging I was hooked. I love everything about this dress. My favorite part about this dress is that it has four large quadrants on the front and four on the back and the colors alternate red and pink in those squares. I feel like I’m an oversized walking checkerboard, which is pretty fantastic. It’s also a dress that can transition season to season effortlessly. For summer, I would throw this dress on after a day at the beach; accompanied with a hat and a great pair of shades. For fall I would wear a denim button up over top (wear unbuttoned) with an army green coat over top. For shoes a simple pair of oxfords will do. For winter, I’d wear a green plaid button up (unbuttoned) over top with a tan blazer over that. To finish the look throw on a pair of black leggings and riding boots and you’re good to go. For Spring, I’d wear a powder blue cardigan over this dress with a pair of tan loafers.


outfit details: dress, necklace

The picture above describes me to a T. At this moment it was snowing and there is nothing I love more than cold weather and piles upon piles of snow. I often sleep with my windows open, even in the middle of a Wisconsin winter, and it feels wonderful (though I think my roommates are starting to catch on, whoops). So one thing you should never ask me is if I’m cold because 98% of the time I will say, no. I’m truly a Minnesotan through and through.


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