An Oxblood Blazer Meets Stripes and Wool


I’m not sure if colored blazers were ever officially a huge trend but they sure were in my book. I own a blazer in the following colors: oxblood, mustard yellow, tan and floral printed. 

Boy do I love a good blazer. When picking out the perfect blazer I look for 3 specific qualities:

     1. The sleeves need to hit at least the bottom of my wrist bone. As a woman of taller stature, my arms are long. So finding sleeves long enough to accommodate them is my biggest challenge while shopping. A trick I have learned is if you buy an item where the sleeves are too long, either stack bracelets or one delicate bracelet on one wrist and wear a snazzy wrist watch on the other. This way your jewelry will distract from the otherwise abnormally short sleeves.

     2. Length of the blazer must run a couple of inches past my hip bone. I like the look of longer blazers because I think they elongate your torso more than a shorter blazer. I also like this length because it pairs great with a pair of high waisted slacks.

     3. Color is also a very important when selecting a blazer. I usually lean towards colors that are bold and make more of a statement but it all depends on the occasion. For work or a job interview I’d prefer wearing a navy, grey, black, or dark oxblood blazer. For everyday use I like blazers that are colorful and fun such as: mustard yellow, cobalt blue, floral printed, red, and another color a blazer comes in.


outfit details: dress, boots, blazer, scarf

The most important thing to remember about a blazer is that they aren’t only for fancy occasions and business meetings. Blazers are a great item to wear on casual Fridays or even a Saturday morning coffee or farmers market run. I often wear my blazers paired with a slouchy grey v-neck tee, a long pendant necklace, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of brown riding boots. To further dress up that casual ensemble I’d throw on a colorful scarf, tan trench coat and a great pair of sun glasses. 



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