Mug Shots


In September of 2013 I achieved quite the milestone in my life; I became a loyal daily coffee drinker. I’m not to the point where I can’t function without a cup o’ joe in the morning, which is good. Actually, I rarely drink coffee after I wake up in the morning. I usually drink it early afternoon or late in the evening. Most things I do from day to day are sporadic, so I guess that has carried over to my coffee drinking habits. 

Since that fateful day in September, I have become obsessed with buying cute coffee vessels to drink my coffee out of. I feel it gives me an air of classiness as I’m sipping my coffee while furiously studying and rocking sweats and a crew neck. 

Here are my favorites in my collection:



This dainty cup is hand painted and I got it from the clearance section at Anthropologie. At one point while shopping the clearance section I had every single variety of pretty cups in my arms, but, I had to scale it down and this one made the cut. This cup makes me feel very British because it’s so dainty. If I had one goal in life it would be to become as British as humanly possible. 



This cup is also from the clearance section at Anthropologie; seriously that clearance section is where it’s at. Though I checked Anthropologie’s online store and you can only buy cups like these in the stores themselves. I love this cup because orange is my favorite color and although this cup is rather squat it has a wider circumference so it holds a decent amount of coffee.


This is the most recent mug added to my extensive collection. I love it because it’s a larger mug size and it was only $1.99 at Target! Unfortunately these mugs aren’t online either; so now you have another excuse to bop into Target. I like how with mug is simple in design and color relative to the others posted above. 




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