Winter Boots and A Series of Unfortunate Events

Shoe Shopping. Nothing makes me happier than strolling hour after hour through shoe aisle after show aisle. Trying on only the strongest smelling leather loafers and wobbling on only the highest of sparkling pumps. When I’m at DSW, I’m in my element. Though shopping with companions is always a lot more enjoyable, when I step into the expansive entrance at DSW, I prefer to browse alone. Wandering off to the boots first, then to the flats, sneakers, heels and finally to the clearance section. Sometimes, if I use my time wisely, I have the opportunity to browse the purse, scarf and hat collections before being ushered out of the store by my sister -she’s not a shopper. 

On my latest shoe shopping venture I was finally able to snag the perfect winter boot. They are well insulated therefore keeping my toes warm on the long walks to and from class everyday, yet they are surprisingly lightweight. Which is excellent for me because I am often told that I run like a Clydesdale because, I stomp my feet hard into the ground producing an obnoxiously loud sound, so I can use all the help I can get. 


Today, while venturing out into the cold campus in pursuit of a meeting I was to be late for, my new boots decided to show me a little lesson. Lately, when wearing these boots I noticed that my boots seemed to be hooking together, while I was walking therefore causing me to trip. But those times I was oh too lucky and escaped with only a mere trip-up. Some were more dramatic than others which caused me to cooly whip my head around to see if anyone had seen me almost wipe out, and just my luck, usually someone was always there. So today I was walking along jamming out to my tunes, not paying attention to where I was walking as I skipped through song after song looking for the perfect song to strut it out to. When suddenly I could feel my boots hook together and this time I knew I was going down and that I was going down fast. I landed on the snowy sidewalk hard, my knees breaking my fall. My headphones had been ripped out of my ears and my blue iPod mini went sliding across the hard cement. Of course at this moment it was broad day light and a steady stream of cars were flowing down the road. I wouldn’t be surprised if I went on YouTube right now and saw a video of me falling in slow motion, maybe I’d get more views than Wrecking Ball? 

Well the aftermath of the great fall was devastating to say the least. I had to continue on to my meeting, though I wasn’t late, I did have to answer to many inquires when people started noticing I had a huge hole ripped in each knee on my jeans with bruised and bloody knees poking through. Did I forget to mention they were my favorite jeans? I will be patching them once I am able to comfortably pull a pair of jeans over my knees again.

As I sit here with my legs outstretched and my knees drenched in Neosporin, I am dreading pulling pants on in a matter of hours, trekking off to my first day of class in the new semester, then attempting to run a couple of miles on the treadmill only to collapse with coppice amount of ice plastered to knees onto my bed and repeat the process all over again. Ah the life of a college student. But if there’s one thing I learned today it’s to always lace your snow boots up all the way and to tuck them further into the boots to avoid catastrophes. I also discovered that walking like a man, taking steps wider apart, can help as well.



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