Friday Favorite: Sequin Skirt

I have been dreaming about this skirt for some time now. And I finally found a perfect occasion to buy it for, my birthday. Still a month away I have plenty of time to pick between the green version or the pink one. Though the pink skirt is closer to nude in color, which will match virtually anything, I’m leaning towards the green because I love the richness of the green, and in this picture it could almost pass as a silver. But most of all I like how a green skirt is much more unexpected and daring, perfect for a birthday milestone. I love this skirt in particular because of the length.


As one of taller stature, think 5’11”, any skirt or dress I wear is about twice as short on me than on other people of a shorter stature. So this midi length is perfect! I love a good midi skirt because it’s modest yet it gives a good view of the calves which will be nice and toned once you slip on a pair of high heels. I could see myself wearing both looks I have pulled together so you’ll have to wait until my birthday to see which one I chose.

Birthday Looks:

1. Pink Skirt: Pink top, Necklace, Shoes

I love this first look because there is a lot of color and boy do I love wearing many colors at once. I really like the contrast of this feminine lacy top with the sequined skirt. The necklace and heels add the perfect pops of color this overall “safe” color pallet. My favorite piece of this look would have to be the teal necklace because this necklace is so versatile and can be worn with any color for any occasion. It would dress up a simple jean shorts and white tee look in the summertime as well as look lovely with a grey turtleneck over a plaid pencil skirt in the middle of a cold midwestern winter.




2. Green Skirt: Peplum Top, Earrings, Shoes

This second look tugs at my heart strings with those stunning statement earrings. I love the colors in the earrings and how they draw upon the color of the skirt. I have to be honest, I did not partake in the great peplum trend of 2013. Though I do love the look of a great peplum top, I never got around to finding the perfect top and I think this one may be it. I fell in love with this top even more once I read it was sweatshirt material. So as I am celebrating the night away I will be quite comfortable. I paired this top with the green sequined skirt because I liked how the soft sweatshirt top contrasted with the hard sequin covered skirt. I added personality to this outfit with the pink heels and statement earrings. No necklace for this look because the slight scoop neck shows off a sexy naked collarbone.




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