The Great Coat Debate

I have been looking for a new wool winter coat for years. No lie, it has been years. My indecisive nature doesn’t help either. One of the main reasons for my hesitance is because this is an investment piece, something I will wear everyday in the winter for many many years to come. Talk about pressure. 

Here are my options:

1. Zara coat 

I love this coat because it’s a real statement piece, the beautiful deep red is a color that is always in style, though I may be biased because red is my school’s color. I also love this coat because it’s oversized, long and the sleeves look long enough for my giraffe like arms. And did I mention the price isn’t that bad either?


2. Goodnight Macaroon Oversized Coat

I absolutely love this black and white houndstooth coat. Houndstooth is one of those classic prints that will last a lifetime in any closet. It is a versatile print that will go well with any color and style clothing, dress, skirt or pant. I am itching to wear this coat with this plaid pant, also on my must have list for the season.


3. Goodnight Macaroon Boyfriend Coat

A black wool coat is one of the most practical colors to get. This coat is cut beautifully and I imagine Annie Hall would be caught wearing it. It would go with absolutely any and everything. Who doesn’t need a black coat in their wardrobe?


4. Goodnight Macaroon Oversized Coat

I love this coat because the deep red detailing on the sleeves pops beautifully against an otherwise bland dark grey coat. I imagine strutting around in this coat wearing dark denim skinny jeans, brown riding boots and a a felt hat. This outfit is very Cold Mountain inspired.


5. Zara Combined Faux Leather Coat

This is my dream coat. The leather detailing adds edginess to this otherwise classic silhouette. I love the look of the shiny leather on the matte wool. Just stunning. I image rocking this number at New York Fashion Week over the most fabulous ensemble of course.



As you may have noticed I make a lot of references to movies and celebrities. On any given day I will throw out movie quotes left and right. But I don’t see it as a problem. I’m just thrusting my love of pop culture upon the world.


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