Winter Florals


Yes, the floral trend of 2013 did sweep me off my feet; I have my three pairs of floral pants and floral blazer as proof. And yes, I will continue to wear my floral clothing anytime and anywhere throughout 2014. My favorite part about a floral ensemble is that anyone can pull off this look. Unlike many fashion trends such as white pants and harem style pants. Florals are great because the floral print itself comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Therefore catering to many tastes, skin colors, and body types.

My favorite part of rocking a floral ensemble is that they can be paired with almost any piece in your closet. Here I am wearing my favorite pleated neon flower midi skirt with a boxy sweater.

 I am often told to stay away from boxy tops and ‘show off my shape’ but to be honest I don’t like wearing tight tops. Even wearing a simple tank top is an abnormality in my everyday dress. My favorite part about boxy or oversized clothing is that they are perfect for layering different pieces both under and over. Another perk is you never have to worry about doing a 5-minute ab workout before pulling on your skintight top. Can you say, winning?

DSC03310 DSC03285


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  1. Holly says:

    That skirt be cray.

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